Adelaide Braewyn Atteberry (mercury_keys) wrote in alienparty,
Adelaide Braewyn Atteberry

December 10, 2009 Journal Entry

I went to the storage house behind the school today. Just as I was told, it was full of aliens. Why on earth does this school have a shed bursting with aliens? Do we not kill them? Do we keep them as pets?

Paracelsus told me that he did not like being so near that many random types of alien all at once. While I shared his sentiment, my curiosity was greater than my regard for Para's requests, so I looked around the place for a bit. There are definitely ways inside, for perhaps the interested and daring student or perhaps the nefarious, up-to-no-good shady figure. Either way, with the new training I am receiving from Mister Toudou, and my already-existing abilities that Paracelsus grants, I am certain that I could take care of anything from the shed.

Tomorrow I have a history exam; I wish so very little to do anything of the sort. I know history already; to test me on such knowledge is completely unnecessary.

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